hi, i'm luana
thanks for visiting my website!
here's something about me: i studied in milan (ied, where i graduated) and london (csm).
i am now based in zurich, where i live and work.
apart from being an author/illustrator, i am also an amateur film buff and a keen baker.
i love reading, swimming, running, cooking, i-Felting (creating perfectly useless but oh-this-is-so-cute felt&cloth stuff) and balconing, that is gardening in my balcony.
other things i like to do are waterside walking, baking dino-shaped cookies, staying barefoot and eating snowflakes.
i'd love to hear from you!
please send me an email at info(at)luanarinaldo.com
or follow me on twitter for my latest news.
hear you soon, ciao! tschüss!


p.s. this is me, showing off my - temporary! - golden tattoo :)

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if you are interested in using my artwork for commercial designs or product sales, just email me: i will be more than happy to discuss it with you.

many thanks!



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