here are some games and fun stuff to free download and print out for your kid(s) to play with: i hope they will enjoy them!
please feel free to share these goodies by linking to this website page (not the pdf, please) and come back again to check what's new!

and here it goes:
(find the printer-friendly version in pdf below each activity)


follow the easy instructions and make some fun animals with wooden or plastic clothespins.

colour these yummy ice creams with your favourite flavours!

print this page on a4 for on-the-go fun, on a3 for max fun!

colouring ice creams - printer-friendly version in pdf


visual sudoku:
sudoku is a fun way for kids to develop their logic skills. no maths needed!
the aim of the puzzle is to place one each of the small creatures in every row/column/grid.
print A and B. cut the little squares A and try to put them all in puzzle B.

visual sudoku - printer-friendly version in pdf


visual bingo game:
print the 4 bingo cards, the call sheet and the 24 call pieces on heavy paper or glue the page(s) to a piece of cardboard before you cut them out.
each player chooses a card, the caller draws randomly the call pieces from a non-transparent bag.
you can use spare coins, buttons - or even beans! - for markers.
the winner is the first player to mark off all their pieces.
have fun!


call sheet

call pieces

visual bingo game - printer-friendly version in pdf
call sheet
call pieces



colour these monstrous monsters with your spookiest colours!

print this page on a4 for on-the-go fun, on a3 for max fun!

colouring monsters - printer-friendly version in pdf


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