plan b gathers up some of my unpublished works, inspired by movies, poems, books, people, everyday life, etc.

bruce springsteen's (illustrated!) songs - it's hard to be a saint in the city
(from greetings from asbury park, n.j. - 1973)

bruce springsteen's (illustrated!) songs - my best was never good enough
(from the ghost of tom joad - 1995)

bruce springsteen's (illustrated!) songs - brilliant disguise
(from tunnel of love - 1987)


bruce springsteen's (illustrated!) songs - candy's room
(from darkness on the edge of town - 1978)

have a good day


please wait here until you are useful (it's not easy to be me)



i celebrate myself, and i sing myself (from w.whitman, 1855)



bollywood party (from the party, by b.edwards 1968)



gelatophant (birthday card)






forks&folks - for twitter



naturally expensive



hoot! (private commission)